Clearance Services Overview


House Clearance

Cheshire Clearance offers comprehensive house clearance services, handling everything from furniture removal to full house clearances with care and efficiency.

Furniture Removal
Full House Clearances
Garage Clearance

Office Clearance

Our office clearance services cater to businesses of all sizes, assisting with office furniture removal, electronics disposal, and complete workplace clearances.

Electronics Disposal
Paperwork Shredding
Commercial Business Closure

Stock Liquidation

Cheshire Clearance specializes in stock liquidation services, helping businesses efficiently clear excess stock and inventory with professionalism and attention to detail.

Excess Inventory Management
Warehouse Clearance
Retail Stock Clearances

Residential Clearance

For residential clients, we offer dedicated clearance services for homes and properties, ensuring a hassle-free process for decluttering spaces and handling unwanted items.

Estate Clearances
Apartment Clearances
Garden Waste Removal
Clear with Confidence

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